Hi, we are Alan and Lynn, the proud owners of Maythorne Cottage, Luxury Kennels and Cattery.

We thought you'd like to know who will be looking after your pet while you are away.

We both retired from the Police a number of years ago and pursued new careers; Alan in retail, while Lynn opted for NHS.

Over the years we have been very fortunate to enjoy holidays abroad, which meant our two German Shepherd dogs, Caileag and Nighean, and our beloved cat, Puss Puss had to go into kennels and catteries. As time went by this became harder to do - we were flying off to hotels full of comforts, whilst our girls were left behind, lying on concrete floors, looking out through metal bars and suffering the constant noise of other distressed animals around them. Of course, not all other facilities are bad, but some do lack the home comforts we'd expect for ANY family member.

On one such holiday we decided to progress what we had often dreamed and discussed - building kennels within the grounds of our home.  Maythorne Cottage is set in a beautiful rural location in 2.5 acres of ground, the perfect setting for luxury kennels.

Eighteen months later, the business is a roaring success - so much so, our regular customers who also have cats frequently ask "when are you guys opening the same luxury facilities for our cat?"

And so our luxury Cattery followed.

Why Luxury Kennels and Cattery? Quite simply, your pets deserve better!

It took us almost two years to draw up our plans, obtain permission and start the build. We created and frequently added to our own wish list for a perfect kennel. This included a modern clean looking building, catering for a small number of dogs, enabling each to have quality care and attention. Each guest should have their own Dog Room, Open Room and Private Garden, giving them the luxury and space they're used to at home . We researched and visited numerous kennels throughout the country and ultimately created on paper what is now Maythorne Cottage, Luxury Kennels.

The Cattery, like the Kennels, is a complete new build to the standards of a house, incorporating individual rooms for cats. Each guest will have a large room split into areas for play and sleep, and open view of the countryside. For peace of mind we built the Cattery at the other end of our grounds, with a separate entrance and completely out of view and hearing from the Kennels.

Maythorne Cottage is somewhere we would be happy to Caileag, Nighean and Puss Puss and, for us, that is the quality test.

If you would like to talk about what we have to offer, or would like to visit our luxury kennels or cattery with no obligation, please feel free to give us a call.

Hope to see you soon


Alan and Lynn

(not forgetting Caileag, Nighean and Puss Puss)

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